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Each church in Greece is devoted to a particular saint and has a festival (panegyri) on its Saints Day. As well as the religious celebration it may involve eating, drinking, dancing and often a small fair.

Local church festivals in the area include:

8th May Aghios Christophors - Zaritsi Beach (5km before Tyros)
17th July Aghia Marina - Tyros
6th August Metamorphosis Sotiris - Tyros

At Easter, the major festival of the year in Greece, celebrations include the lighting of large brightly coloured phallic-shaped hot-air balloons which soar several hundred metres into air. This tradition is unique to Tsakonia and is a spectacle well worth seeing.

You might also want to catch the festival of the Tsakoniki Eggpant (Aubergine) which is held in Leonidion around the 22nd August. Local women enter eggplant dishes in a competition judged by renowned chefs from France, England and the US. Traditional Tsakonika dances are also staged during this festival.

The Municipality of Tyros also organises a series of events in August for the local annual festival of Apolloneia - these include concerts, traditional dancing and an annual road race.