The Copages & Coppages
of Warwickshire

This site was set up to help trace the origin of the Copage/Coppage surname in Britain.

The focus is on family members originating from Warwickshire in the English Midlands, particularly the village of Tanworth-in-Arden near Stratford on Avon. There is also some information about other clusters of individuals in Britain with the same surname.

Today, Copage/Coppage is a relatively rare surname in Britain. However, a John and Edward Coppage sailed to Virginia in 1648 and in the 1660's a William Coppage came to join them. As a result, there are now many hundred Coppages in the USA where there is an active Coppage Family Association.

  The Origin of the Surname Copage/Coppage etc
  Summary Data on Individual Copages (alphabetical)
  The Village of Tanworth in Arden
  Nine Generations of Copages - a direct line
   The Family of Ted & Pamela Copage
  Download a Microsoft Access Database of 364 UK Copages/Coppages
  The CoppageCoppedge Family Association in the US

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Nigel Copage

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